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Family and Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Families come in many different forms and from many different backgrounds.  Whether you have a blended, step, single parent, or same sex parent family, we can work with you.  We have both worked with families of various cultural and religious backgrounds, and can value and appreciate the uniqueness of each family.  Typically in family therapy, we meet with the family all together at first, but then as therapy progresses, we may decide to break into sub-groups and see for example: mom and son together; father and grandmother together; etc.   We work with each unique family in whatever way seems to best help that family.   Please let us know if you have any questions about what family therapy is like with us.

Couples Therapy
The most important part about couples counseling is that both partners are committed to the process.  Many people worry that the couples counselor will take one partner's side, but please rest assured that we make every effort to understand the perspective of each partner.  Communication is often an area where couples struggle, and we can help you to work through this with your partner.  It is unrealistic to have a goal to never argue, but we can work together to figure out how to resolve conflicts in a healthier and less stressful manner. 

If your family or relationship is struggling, let us help.  Call today to schedule an appointment.